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Taerom 02-22-06 06:19 PM

Hey, does anyone here mountainboard at all? I've been thinking about getting one this spring just for something different to try. I'm not a snowboarder or a skateboarder, but it still looks hella fun! As soon as the snow melts, there should be lots of cool places to ride near me. I'll probably get an MBS Comp 16 off ebay for $350.

zx108 02-22-06 06:44 PM

i want to try that too. do you do it at slopes in the summer or whats the deal with that? it looks like alot of fun.

Taerom 02-22-06 06:50 PM

You can probably do it where ever you want. There are boards designed for the slopes, skateparks, kite boarding, and everything inbetween. I'd really like to try out the dirt jumps at my local trails.

apclassic9 02-22-06 07:07 PM

Ah, just what my son thought last summer... watch your ankles, guys, and definately invest in those elbow & knee pads because you will crash! Anyhow, the plus side of the knee pads is that they are really good to use when laying down a floor.....

snoopz666 02-22-06 08:26 PM

im not sure how similar the two are but i would try snowboarding first if you can, falling on snow hurts alot less then on dirt.

Blazinall91 02-22-06 09:36 PM

i'd buy a skateboard for now and get familiar with the balance aspect of it, it takes abit to get down trust me, once you get it, have fun

Taerom 02-22-06 09:52 PM

I'm not at all worried about the balance aspect. I have skateboarded and snowboarded at least once, and did just fine. I'm a quick learner when it comes to these things too.

apclassic9 02-23-06 08:32 AM

My son might have used a skateboard 2 or 3 times in his life before he got his mountain board. Just start out on a real gentle, grassy slope and learn how to turn & brake, and then work yourself up to steeper hills, jumps, rails, etc.

If you're going to board when there's a bit of snow on the ground, remember that your brakes will get impacted with snow and cease to exist (that was last weekend's lesson)

Taerom 02-23-06 11:50 AM

Haha, I won't be using brakes. I've heard that if you learn to ride with brakes and don't learn to powerslide right away, it can really affect your performance as you progress.

Maelstrom 02-23-06 11:57 AM

Moving this to foo, as it doesn't have anything to do with biking...

I have thought of doing this, then remembered how much I hate board sports...then I happily bike away :)

MMACH 5 02-23-06 12:25 PM

I've mountainboarded a couple of times and even thought about buying one of the motorized ones. It was fun. I was doing it with 15+ years of skateboarding under my belt and still busted my rear a few times. So let me reiterate the need for pads and a helmet.

You'll find that off roading on a board is much more like skateboarding than snowboarding. Your wheels will grip so that you actually can pivot to turn the board, rather than carving through turns like in snow.

Did I mention the helmet thing? Yea, wear a helmet.

Flippin Sweet 02-23-06 03:36 PM

I'm with MMACH, it's a fun time. Wear a helmet, ease into it, etc. I rode one meant for the roads, and another time I rode a snowboard that someone had modified to play on the huge sand dunes near where I live. That was sick fun.

markhr 02-24-06 10:40 AM

it's fun but after a few crashes I'd recommend buying the full safety gear (full face, chest protector, wrist splints, etc) - do a search for japanese mtb clubs - one thing they do well is mountainboard.

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