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Taerom 02-27-06 09:32 AM

Numbness in arms
Seems like every couple of days, I'll wake up in the morning and one of my arms from the shoulder down will be completely numb. No feeling at all, and can't move it at all. After a minute, I can start to move my fingers, then after a few minutes more, the feeling in my arm comes back. It's a very strange feeling. One time, I woke up and both my arms were numb, that sucked! :eek: Here's and article that explains what's happening. Basically, pressure gets put on a nerve or a blood vessel to a nerve gets cut off. Maybe I need to find a new position to sleep in. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

jschen 02-27-06 09:36 AM

Used to happen to me a lot since I tended to end up sleeping with an arm under my pillow. Nowadays, I tend to sleep with my arms on top of my torso, so this doesn't happen. (The switch was for completely different reasons, though.)

Taerom 02-27-06 09:38 AM

Yep, I usually sleep with one arm under the pillow, and that is when it happens. Doesn't happen to me when I sleep on my back.

Eggplant Jeff 02-27-06 11:45 AM

Might want to double-check with a doctor, just in case there is something else that could be a problem. It's always a little dicey to self-diagnose something as significant as nerves getting pinched.

Michigander 02-27-06 12:17 PM

Dave Mustane of Megadeth had to cancel a year or two worth of touring because he slept on his arm just right and he did something that caused the numbness for a couple of years. It took him a long time to recover, and as I recall, doctors said he would probably loose the arm.

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