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PedalMasher 02-27-06 04:30 PM

Be ready to tear up... amazing story/video
This is one of the most amazing sports stories ever.

bigskymacadam 02-27-06 05:11 PM

that was good. thanks for the link. 'snif

free_pizza 02-27-06 05:51 PM

thats good stuff

Namenda 02-27-06 05:52 PM

Looks to me like he should've been playing all year, not just the end of the last game...

TexasGuy 02-27-06 05:57 PM

that was pretty cool

slvoid 02-27-06 05:57 PM

For more of the same, check out the story of bill porter.

Portis 02-27-06 06:30 PM

Ball Hog.

Just kidding. I had goosebumps.That had to be an amazing atmosphere that night.

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