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Changing jobs - job hints, job security - career guidance :)


I graduated University in November last year. I worked full time from June to October at Rio TInto, a mining company. They offered me a graduate position which I declined and accepted a job on an oil and gas project. I wanted to get into the oil and gas industry. I have now worked on the Oil and Gas project from October to almost July. There is talk though of what is going to happen with this project. Will it be delayed, will it stop, will the personnel be replaced. I am told this is the nature of the business but this does not help me in my career if the project were to be cancelled.

Another guy in the building that I work in has recommended me for a job in the oil and gas consulting company that he works for which is on another level in my building. The initial feedback was that the HR manager was concerned that I have 'jumped around a little bit and their preference is for someone with more stability'.

I have only had one job since officially graduating university. How can I get back to them to reassure them that I am a stable employee?

Also, would it be better for my career and resume to change jobs again now to avoid the risk of the project stopping and losing my job or to just take the risk that the project fails and stick around here to show that I am loyal to a company?

* As far as the work, I would prefer the new company as it is more of a legal role. I am more in contract management at present. (I have a degree in law and a degree in computer science). That said though, I do not know anything about the company and my future progression. I.e the new job has less contract hours but I know certain companies that have contract hours 9 to 5 yet the personnel work 7 to 8 at least!

Oh, and can anyone tell me what it would be like working for these companies and their reputations. How could I find out? I do not know anyone who works for them. Which is the best 'career' wise?

Rio Tinto
Baker Hughes

thank you!

* I know the internet board may not be the best place but I do not know where else to go so if you cannot help directly then please recommend other places for me to try
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Sorry can't help with any of those companies. As for the first 2/3 of your post.....welcome to the wonderful world of job hunting. It's tougher every year and next year I'm 99% sure I'm quitting my current job of ten years to find work elsewhere. It ain't pretty!!

Good luck.
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The HR manager has no clue what he/she is talking about and is simply parroting the common BS of the industry. Hopefully, the rest of the company knows this.

Talk to your contact with the other company. Ask him all the questions you're asking us. He'll understand your concerns and will most likely be professional enough to give an honest anser (assuming he's been in the industry for a number of years now). Show a lot of interest in the company. Ask where it's going. What projects are on the horizon. You'll have someone on the inside who is pulling for you and might be able to direct you to a more fruitful avenue than the HR manager.

Changing jobs now isn't going to hurt your career or resume in this market. I'm on my third job since graduating in 2002. I finally found my fit, I think. It's very common now for people to jump jobs until they find something they like.
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+1 on what explody said. Talk to your contact and maybe even ask him to arrange and informal lunch of him and his manager(s) to talk about the industry, the work, and what positions are open. Express your interest and offer your ideas and insights and maybe let "drop" that you spoke to the HR manager and was told you jump around too much for a new grad. Once you make an impression on them, those mgrs. may go to the HR person and request you be brought in to interview.

As for the companies you listed, have you googled them for news and financial stability?
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I know a little about Baker Hughes, but not a great deal. Know some of the folks in their legal department, including the general counsel, and he's a good guy. I worked for him as a puppy lawyer when I had my freshly minted license.

I agree with explody, too, about the stuff the HR people are saying. Keep in mind that the HR folks aren't really the ones who make the hiring decisions, and a lot of 'em don't know crap. They're parroting stuff that was applicable thirty years ago without a real perception of the modern workplace. Thirty years ago, folks signed on with one employer and stayed there through retirement. That rarely happens anymore. I'm probably getting ready to make some changes myself, though I haven't quite figured out what just yet. Just know I don't want to stay where I am.

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BHP would be my preference in that list. I've got a friend who works for Rio and when I saw him last time I was in Perth (in May) he said they were haemorhaging staff left right and centre.

I've never heard of Hatch, and I've only worked with Baker Hughes.

I worked for Woodside for 16 months and I hated it - most of the people I worked with there have subsequently left as well. Seeing as you're an engineer you may have a more positive view of Woodside.
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Your delema makes me glad that I work for a smaller company that has had nothing but the utmost respect for me sense they first viewed my resume.

People go where there is the best paying and most enjoyable work available. It has worked out nicely for me to have had 5 jobs in the past 4 years because more company's means only more experience. On the paper pushing side of things, I suppose things could be different. Even still, I have a hard time believing that for burocrats such as yourself multiple company's that speak well of you could be anything but good.
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thank you everyone!
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