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markhr 10-06-06 03:27 PM

Wow! Poll the polls in a poll for the pollsters! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
You may, if you so wish, without wishing to cause either offence, controversy or, in a worst case scenario, discussion, choose from all, any and none of the following:

1. This option is the best option because of the way it relates directly to 3, 6, 8 and 10 but indirectly to 2 and not at all to 9.
2. Option 2 has caused a lot of outrage in pollsters who chose option 3 but was generally liked by all subjects in the 100.117-113.34(one hundred point eleventy seven to one thirteen point three four) focus group.
3. This is the least bigoted option but that comes with the disclaimer that bigotry represents a personal point of view that in no way reflects the views and beliefs of the creators of this poll however, that said, bigotry is wrong and should be abolished at all possible costs even at the expense of, quite possibly, being viewed as bigots which leads us to option 6.
4. 8 has almost no weight in the overall argument other than the insignificant relation to option 4 however this needs to be viewed in the context of the post-ipod age burgeoning on the dawn of the myspace push for i-café domination which could be viewed as a double medium mocca latte frappucino prozac-sprinkle cream warfarin-shot hold everything which goes very well with option 7.
5. This is definitely the most intensely discussed and dissected option but it can be summarised in two words - see 9.
6. Thankfully, this option is very short – see 4.
7. Option 7 is a particularly boring option which can be skipped over because of it’s lack of clear direction or content but is part of option 8 and so should be quickly and thoroughly considered before moving on to the real meat of this poll which is, without any shadow of a doubt at this point in time looking forward, option 8.
8. One cannot consider all aspects of this subject without first considering the socio-economic ramifications of option 10 and how these would effect upon the global psyche of the minor celebrity tabloid pressman moonlighting as an editorial writer for the International Herald Tribune in between pap gigs on Sommerfield Road, Quilpie, Queensland, Australia.
9. This is the least discussed option but definitely the most controversial issue ever however one must understand all the points of view involved thus - see 5.
10. This option is the worst option because it relates directly to all previous points in a deep and meaningful way that has a direct outcome on the success of this poll but this should not influence the voter before they have considered point 5 in depth.

IrObfuscatorZ -LoLzorzOMG!!!1111!!eleven!!!7 - :o

too leet(sorry - I meant 1337) to attend kindergarten never mind learn proper english

Tom Stormcrowe 10-06-06 03:33 PM

KingTermite 10-06-06 03:41 PM

heheheeee...I voted for ALL of the option (including "none of the above").

Tom Stormcrowe 10-06-06 03:49 PM

So did I!

TexasGuy 10-06-06 04:05 PM

Wher'es the kill OP option :P

markhr 10-06-06 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by TexasGuy
Wher'es the kill OP option :P

you may need to take a number on that one :D

webist 10-06-06 04:49 PM

That was a lot of hard work. Bet it was fun. I didn't answer.

Minesbroken 10-06-06 04:57 PM

its obviously option 7,9 and 1

mirona 10-06-06 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by Minesbroken
its obviously option 7,9 and 1

That's what I picked. Must be the best choice.

operator 10-06-06 06:51 PM

Where's the this poll sucks option!?

Ritehsedad 10-06-06 09:00 PM

Ummm, never mind.

Minesbroken 10-06-06 09:06 PM

7,9 and 1 takes the lead.....

Pheard 10-06-06 09:24 PM

I chose 6 because 6 can deal without 9 for awhile.

markhr 10-09-06 01:19 AM

woohoo - maximum smilies

...and yes, this is a weak attempt to keep the thread ALIIIVVVVEEEE!!!!!

SingingSabre 06-23-07 04:24 PM

I like how "All of the above" has no options above it...

ken cummings 06-23-07 04:37 PM

What, no Pie?

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