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j-dowsett 10-07-06 04:32 AM

arrrrh, conflicts on my time
So frustrating, most of my time I'm bored and have little to do.
Typically however, both the university Cycling club and the Outdoors club decide that Wednesday afternoons and Sundays are the best times to be doing things.

It wasn't so bad last year, but over the summer I've taken up climbing which is what the Outdoors club do on Wednesday afternoons. Also socially get on with these people much better than the cyclists.

However I find that the cycling (road) needs to be more of a commitment to keep fitness up, otherwise it would be a case of miss cycling -> get less fit -> miss more cycling.

And yet right now I don't feel like riding that much but still want to keep my hand (or rather feet) in.

Oh well, guess I'll have to find a compromise somewhere.

TexasGuy 10-07-06 09:06 AM

Just gotta find your groove

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