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ChAnMaN 11-28-06 10:38 AM

Industrial designer..Engineer..anyone?
K i need some help,

for my highschool leadership class i have to interview three people with careers that interest me.
My careers are Industrial Design, Materials engineer, and graphics designer.

since there are approx 0 industrial designers in idaho i figured id ask my BF friends.

So if you have any kind of job that even remotely resembles one of those
could i interview you over the phone?

hit me up if your interested.

slvoid 11-28-06 10:42 AM

I'm a mechanical design engineer (so i do both design and engineering), also used to run 2 materials science labs.

eubi 11-28-06 10:45 AM

I sent you my contact information.

I'm home sick today, so call whenever you want.

ChAnMaN 11-28-06 10:51 AM

Hey thanks Eubi!, ill call you when i get home from school. Around 5:30pm MTN time.

Slvoid are you availiable for a short phone call sometime this week?

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