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Tom Stormcrowe 02-09-07 06:24 AM

A Stella for Vega!
and here it is!

norsehabanero 02-09-07 06:28 AM

cant drink that one, but what does the bottle holder hold:beer:

Stacey 02-09-07 06:35 AM

Not a bad price either.

VegaVixen 02-09-07 07:00 AM

Thanks, Tom! I sure did enjoy this Stella! :D

[Sigh, if only it had Weinmann 630x30, 27" wheels. I'd pull the trigger! I'm lookin' for an extra wheel to change out with my trainer tire/wheel on my beater for when I want to ride it on the road, at least 'til I get my new roadbike. Given my negative experience with the modern tires on my 27" wheels, I don't want to have to swap out my trainer tire for a road tire, and vice versa, just to be able to go from trainer to road and back. :rolleyes:

Framewise, BTW, I need at least a 56cm, as I'm currently ridin' a 23" (approx c-t 58, with approx TT c-c 58). I'd be all scrunchied up. <crampedVegalook> :eek:]

SaabFan 02-09-07 07:35 AM

Vega, slap some 700c wheels on that biotch. Most 27" bikes can take them no problem. At the least, you could leave your road tire on the original 27" rear wheel and use a 700c wheel for the trainer. . .

PS - since Vega doesn't want this Stella, I call dibs! :D

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