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Stacey 02-10-07 07:09 AM

Help, I'm a Krak Addict.
Yes, my two month binge began yesterday as I first saw and consumed the delectable Zitner Butter Krak Eggs, available in the convenience store for the first time this year.

Sorry, those not in the Philadelphia area need not apply. :)

Ritehsedad 02-10-07 07:16 AM

Please Stacey...stay AWAY from the Krak pipe...smoking that stuff will rot your brain! Besides, I'm not sure if you can actually smoke chocolate, marshmellow, peanut butter...

USAZorro 02-10-07 07:21 AM

Easy to understand the addiction. Fortunately for my health, the're still seasonal here (home made by church-going ladies in these parts).

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