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Siu Blue Wind 02-11-07 03:18 PM

Do you like it dry or wet?

Shifty 02-11-07 03:24 PM

road - dry
burrito - wet
chain - dry lube
dog - dry
walk on the beach - wet

skiahh 02-11-07 03:24 PM

depends... is it warm or cold?

Michigander 02-11-07 03:26 PM

Siu Blue Wind 02-11-07 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by skiahh
depends... is it warm or cold?

Whatever you want, skiahhh.......

Taerom 02-11-07 03:31 PM

weather - dry

wethepeople 02-11-07 03:31 PM

Dry at first, getting it wet is the fun part ;).

Pheard 02-11-07 03:32 PM

Good thing I didn't say what I wanted to say, my first thought when reading the title wasn't weather.

Anyways... I like dry and sunny. The grey make me feel... bleh.

Stacey 02-11-07 03:39 PM

Breathing or not?

jsharr 02-11-07 03:50 PM

martini - dry
dogs nose - wet

Taerom 02-11-07 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by jsharr
dogs nose - wet

You disgust me.

Siu Blue Wind 02-11-07 03:53 PM

I kiss wet puppy noses. :)

VegaVixen 02-11-07 03:58 PM

Dry martini.

Maelstrom 02-11-07 05:05 PM

I live in BC, what do you think?

Maelstrom 02-11-07 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by Weldman
In a mood are we?:D

Who me?...nope, I don't think so...hmmmm...nope, I am fine. :D

I just find vague questions fun to answer with short and sweet answers. Whats there to elaborate on between wet and dry. I like my women, my weather, my food, my alcohol, my winters and my mountains all wet.

I don't like dust, I don't like beaches, I don't like dry martinis. I don't like dry wine and I don't like bitter foods. So...its all wet for me. Heck I don't even like areas where there are no trees (insinuating lack of moisture)...That and I live in a temperate rainforest...hmmmm

Jerseysbest 02-11-07 05:27 PM


USAZorro 02-11-07 06:12 PM

yes. ;)

blonduathlongrl 02-11-07 06:14 PM

of course! is there any other way?

VegaVixen 02-11-07 06:31 PM

Dry? Wet? I like it any way I can get it....

:eek: <realizing that was an out-loud thought>

*lookin' around and slinkin' away*

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