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VegaVixen 03-14-07 10:03 PM

Personal emotional healing, and a return soon to Foo.
My dear Foo-peeps. I was in such intractable emotional pain when I first arrived in Foo in Nov 2006, I could not always think straight. Yet, you all put up with me, gently and solicitously, checking in on my well-being when I was too silent, cajoling me when I was on board. I thank you all. :)

But I've finally reached a point where I must interact physically and emotionally with people who exist immediately here in my real life. Another source of new pain and stress, as you can imagine. But, I know, even if I don't hear from you, you have all made me stronger. Again, I thank you all.

I will check in on Foo soon. But it seems that being away for a while is a part of my emotional healing. Some of you will understand this. Others, just have to trust Vega. <very serious Vega look>

I will return soon. And, in the meantime, I hug you all. (Pour les francophones parmi vous: je vous embrace, et très fort.)

For now, goodbye, and I will see you all again very soon. :) <blowin' Vega kisses to all, with tears on cheeks, slinkin' off, so reluctantly, to further healin'>

Tom Stormcrowe 03-14-07 10:05 PM

We'll be here for you, Vega! You are right, by the way, you do need to keep plugged in to life! Good fortune, and PM me if you need a sympathetic ear to bend!

Flippin Sweet 03-14-07 10:09 PM

Hey, Pretty Lady, good luck on the next step. Ditto to what Tom said, we will be here, if only ephemerally, for you when you need a Stella-soaked Foo laughfest.
Big hugs, grosses bises!

VegaVixen 03-14-07 10:10 PM

Thanks, Tom. You were my first BF and Foo friend. How appropriately that you "let me go" for a while. <smile> Thank you, and, be assured, I will check in again, and soon. :)

Pheard 03-14-07 10:56 PM

Hmph... I wish you the best VV. I hope you do alright no matter where you go and what you try. Remember we're all here for you and want you to suceed in life and cycling. Come back soon. :)

Shadiyah 03-14-07 10:59 PM

Hugs and love to you, darling! We all need to take breaks every now and then. I hope you are filled with so much peace while you are away that it will be just oozing from you when you return.

VegaVixen 03-14-07 11:05 PM

:) Thanks, Shad. :) Still here for a few moments, lurking, as I will, no doubt, be doing in the next little bit. :)

donnamb 03-14-07 11:08 PM

A hug to you, VV. I believe I understand what you need to do. Think of us on lovely springtime rides, which I know you'll be taking. :)

Jet Travis 03-14-07 11:13 PM

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<< must interact physically and emotionally with people who exist immediately here in my real life>>


Bugs and Gossamer luv ya. Like the rest of us.

jschen 03-14-07 11:14 PM

Bye VV. I look forward to Foo'ing with you again sometime soon.

dauphin 03-14-07 11:15 PM

you have made an impression...and that's a good thing.

Siu Blue Wind 03-14-07 11:21 PM

I'm not saying good bye to you Vega. You know that you have impacted me in many positive ways and you will never leave my heart. I know you are going to be okay and need to take care of things.

Just remember that we do love you here and you know that I am serious. You are my sister. Always.

--Plus I'll call ya to check on ya! ;)


Air 03-15-07 12:52 AM


georgiaboy 03-15-07 01:06 AM

I'll miss you. :) However, this is a great sign that ya got ya strength back. ;) Livin' the life, again. :beer:

BTW, I have to tell you I was in a resturant the other day, and, well, I ordered a Stella. So, I guess you had an impact on me. ;)

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baybuh, see I can speak another language, too. :D

savage24 03-15-07 01:06 AM

Godspeed, Vega!

norsehabanero 03-15-07 01:38 AM

we will be here if you need us good luck do what you need to
you are a freind to all of us and have made all of us smile a lot i hope you are still smiling through all of this also even through your<serius vega look>

good luck and good riding (let your bike help also)

wethepeople 03-15-07 02:10 AM

Cya Foo-Mom :).


gbcb 03-15-07 03:39 AM

Take care, Vega! Good luck, and hope to see you here again soon :)

blonduathlongrl 03-15-07 04:10 AM

Ill miss you.
OK this is a good sign for you! but Ill miss ya!
come back soon!

flyingscotsman 03-15-07 06:36 AM


If you need a shoulder to lean or a lunch date, you know where I am.

You will be missied.

Stacey 03-15-07 06:43 AM

Be well, VV. (((HUGS)))

nobrainer440 03-15-07 07:08 AM

We'll miss you VV, but a break from Foo was necessary for me too a couple of weeks ago I know the feeling. The real world is important. We'll be here when you get back. *hug*

chipcom 03-15-07 07:09 AM

Hugs darlin, remember that our thoughts and prayers are always with you.

catatonic 03-15-07 07:18 AM

Hugs VV.

Best of luck. Hope that healing process is as smooth as it can be, and I look forward to your return.

jsharr 03-15-07 08:15 AM

Later Days and Tasty Waves, VV!!!!! May the road rise up to meet you and may the wind always be at your back. Will miss you and look forward to your return.


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