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norsehabanero 03-15-07 01:54 AM

how long can you ride on a flat tire
tonight on the way home about 5 miles to go i hit a patch of goatheads(thorns)(evil)
its dark, i stop to brush them off the tire shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dang so i start riding to find a light spot and see how far i can go i made it 5 miles i could have gone farther if needed lucky night

any one else made it farther on hissing tires???????

DannoXYZ 03-15-07 03:40 AM

I've made it about 8-miles. Completely destroyed the tyre & rim though...

georgiaboy 03-15-07 04:26 AM

I don't ride with a flat tire, period. Even though I can sympathize with the difficulty of having to change a flat tire at night. I use Mr Tuffy tire liners to help prevent a flat tire. If I do get one, I will repair on the road hopefully with a patch kit and a flashlight. In a worst case, push the bike (not ride it) or if too far away call a cab which is cheaper than a new rim on most cases.

botto 03-15-07 05:21 AM

on my road bike: i'll do it for 50 yards max (see DannoXYZ's reply).

on my city bike: depends how late it is; how far away from home i am; what the weather is like; how drunk i am... etc.

BananaTugger 03-15-07 05:27 AM

I've done 5.3 miles.

The rim is okay, but only because it weighs more than the frame. :p

jfmckenna 03-15-07 06:22 AM

I did about 15 miles once. I had brought my two spare tubes and a patch kit but no pump DOH!

The rim only needed a little sanding to get the burs off and I still ride it today in fact it was brand new but there was no way I was going to walk 15 miles home. I rode on the grassy edge of the road when I could.

blonduathlongrl 03-15-07 06:24 AM

I dont ride on flat tires, period, way to scared to mess up the rim.

Jerseysbest 03-15-07 07:42 AM

When I was like 11 or 12, I got a flat tire about 10 miles from home...

This was before the time of cell phones and I had no money. I tried calling collect and no one was home and it was getting dark (and cold) so I just keep pounding away... Cheap bike with heavy steel rims, I don't think I caused much damage.

I almost always ride with patchs, an extra tube, a pump and a cell, and of course some money now so I'll stop as soon as I know Im getting a flat cause I don't wanna mess up my pretty road rims.

Ernesto Schwein 03-15-07 10:07 AM

I know I did more than 5 miles on a flat front tubular once, no hills. It was a campy rim and it actually looked ok, no major damage.

apclassic9 03-15-07 10:31 AM

Let's face it, you could ride with a flat tire, or no tire at all, until your rim breaks or collapses. How far can you ride with a flat in order not to hurt your rim? Depends upon the rim, the bike, the terrain, and how much you weigh!

powerhouse 03-15-07 11:54 AM

While on vacation on Mount Desert Island, my bike partner and I were finishing the day's ride we were taking in Acadia National Park. As we rode out of the park, the back tire on her bike began developing a flat. We didn't stop as we had worked up a good speed beforehand and it was a long distance back to Bar Harbor where we were staying.

Surprisingly, my bike partner and I made the six miles back to Bar Harbor, where her bike crapped out in front of the town's bicycle shop.

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