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Second Mouse 03-15-07 06:15 PM

Spilled the Beans
First off, I mostly lurk around here and don't contribute much, so apologies if asking for advice here is out of line--feel free to blow the thread off.

Anyway, Mrs. Mouse is planning a surprise birthday party for me. One of the kids at my daughter's daycare spilled the beans. She's a cute little kid, although my daughter doesn't like her and right now I'm not too fond of her myself. She's about 5 years old, and it was actually kind of funny watching her try (unsuccessfully) not to give up a secret.

So I get the feeling my wife is going to a lot of trouble (she got one of my friends to ask me to go golf on Saturday afternoon, which he never does, stuff like that). I'm the world's worst liar and if I try to feign surprise at the proper time, there's a good chance no one's going to buy it. Do I come clean and tell Mrs. M about it or just buck up and not try to ruin the surprise?

What would you do? Any thoughts? All input is appreciated and I promise I'll try to be a better Foo community member.:o


Stacey 03-15-07 06:22 PM

Stuff it and be surprised.

Travelin' Jack 03-15-07 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by Stacey
Stuff it and be surprised.


jyossarian 03-15-07 07:18 PM


Portis 03-15-07 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by Stacey
Stuff it and be surprised.

Yep. Play along. It will contribute to the happiness of the event. Your wife is working hard to do something nice for you so don't contribute to screwing it up. Later, after the event if you want to share the story then you can. But NOT before.

Second Mouse 03-15-07 07:36 PM

Okay. I can do this.

You guys are sure, right?

scottogo 03-15-07 07:39 PM

Can you surprise yourself by playing along?

Ritehsedad 03-15-07 07:40 PM

Yeah, play along...

By the way, WELCOME TO FOO!!!

junkyard 03-15-07 07:43 PM

Drink until you forget what you've been told.

Velo Vol 03-15-07 07:51 PM

Hello Second Mouse.

Administer a severe blow to your head, generating amnesia. Not only will you be legitimately surprised about the party (no acting required), but you'll also be surprised to learn that it's your birthday.

OR you can just play along.

EJ123 03-15-07 09:12 PM

Play along.

Siu Blue Wind 03-15-07 09:15 PM

Don't ruin all her hard work! Be surprised. You will. Because you don't really know what is really gonna happen and who is going to be there! :)

And welcome to Foo!!

Second Mouse 03-15-07 09:39 PM

Hey, I looked my daughter straight in the eye on Christmas Eve and told her Santa Claus wouldn't stop at our house unless she was asleep. This ought to be a walk in the park.

And junkyard's idea sounds like the perfect fallback plan.

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.

USAZorro 03-15-07 10:17 PM

Stay up all night Friday. You'll be so tired on Saturday that you might zone out and forget about the surprise. :D

bikingshearer 03-16-07 12:24 PM

Of course, you could mess with everyone's mind by making sure you show up for the party early - or really late. But definitely play alone.

Just my perverse little twist on things.

And welcome to Foo. Don't worry, we don't bite.


RonH 03-16-07 07:55 PM

Go play golf and pretend you're enjoying it.
Then go home and pretend to be surprised.
Or else face the consequences!!!

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