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phantomcow2 03-16-07 02:32 PM

Will the post office disclose the identity of the sender?
Today I got a "Sorry, we missed you" slip in my mailbox. Under the recipient name, the post office employee wrote only my last name. At first I thought it was a package, I order a lot of stuff online (mostly eBay), and once in a while a seller will want to be a pain in the ass and require a signature for some non valuable item. But I have not ordered anything, not have my parents. It's certified mail, just a letter. We can't think of that it would be, and my curiosity is driving me nuts. If I called and asked the post office who the sender is, would they be allowed to tell me?

USAZorro 03-16-07 02:42 PM

It's probably from Arkansas.

phantomcow2 03-16-07 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by USAZorro
It's probably from Arkansas.


RonH 03-16-07 07:43 PM

The CIA wants to know why you're ordering all those items and why you're asking VERY technical questions on Foo. :)

phantomcow2 03-16-07 08:11 PM

:lol: Actually I ended up calling, it was from a resort we went to last summer. I was kind of hoping it would be from a college, I am sick of the suspense :(

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