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msheron 03-17-07 12:23 PM

Performance Bicycle Master Card
Just got my invitation in the mail. I am not oppposed like alot to have a MC from them to gain extra points for purchases. My gripe is that APR which was variable starting at 14.9% up to and over 22%:eek: ! WTF..............I know I could call and negotiate it and even get a fixed but why not just offer that to begin with.......I know, because there are those who will get it anyhow.

I have my Steelers MC with a 9.9% fixed and I keep a next to nothing balance on a credit card and use to build my points to get game tickets. Which I have about 22,000 points right now. Which is good for me.........working toward Super Bowl tickets!

Oh well, thought I would vent about their variable APR! Was a nice picture though of a rear cassette and RD:D

sizzam 03-17-07 01:10 PM

credit card companies = the devil

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