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Ritehsedad 03-19-07 04:50 PM

199 pages and counting
OK people, Foo is at 199 pages, we need a few dozen more threads so we can get over 200. Who's with me? Come on, start a thread about something, about nothing about water, about air, your hair color, my hair color, just POST!!!!

OK, I'm all out of breath. :o

Ted Danson 03-19-07 04:58 PM


skiahh 03-19-07 06:01 PM

Uhhh... why?

nobrainer440 03-19-07 06:41 PM

4 posts in 2 hours??? LAME! Come on guys, we can do it!

Velo Vol 03-19-07 08:05 PM

I've been doing my part in starting pointless threads. :)

VegaVixen 03-19-07 08:23 PM

Meh. I'll do my part to continue a pointless thread....

VegaVixen 03-19-07 08:51 PM

What? This didn't do it already?

Then go see Vega's thread.... :D

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