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rbart4506 05-28-07 06:38 AM

Got Tool Tickets!!!
Found out a couple weeks ago, while on vacation in Georgia, that Tool was going to be playing a show in Hamilton...Surpised the heck of my wife and I that they would play Hamilton and not Toronto...At any rate we had planned on trying to get some tickets, but they went on sale the same day as the century we were doing. The plan was to try and buy tickets, online, after the century. It was a good idea in theory, but there were two problems. First off was the fact that after 100 miles the last thing we wanted to do was sit in front of a computer, food was the number one thought. Second problem was tickets sold out in 20 minutes and so it really didn't matter. Fast forward a few weeks and we're home from vacation and Tool announces a second show for Hamilton. Tickets went on sale this past Friday at 5pm, odd time, and we were prepared. We had a few tense moments when my wife forgot her password to her ticketmaster account, but she got it in the end and we got the tickets!!! Yes Tool for the second time. Best part is the show is at the end of June so the wait won't be long.

jsharr 05-28-07 07:14 AM

Sears just lets me in their store for free to wander around the Craftsman area, drooling. They usually do not even make me mop up. There is more for your life at Sears.

gnr rocker 05-28-07 05:50 PM

ewww, craftsman, snap-on ftw

atomship47 05-28-07 06:29 PM

i'd love to see them. last 2 tours i didn't because they're playing mega-center places. i prefer shows in smaller venues. they're playing 6/27 in chicago. i may try to go to it.

1slowbastard 05-28-07 11:51 PM

Less than a month now to the show here. We originally got pretty crappy seats, so I talked to my dad and he got us his company's box. I'm guessing none of their clients have ever heard of Tool.

ms.gio 05-29-07 12:45 AM

I'm seeing them in July. I'm quite excited.

x136 05-29-07 09:48 AM

I bet Tool puts on quite a show. I think I'm going to have to throw some Tool and A Perfect Circle CDs in the stereo when I get home.

ms.gio 05-29-07 09:54 AM

Apparently, Tool gives one of the best concerts. From what I've heard Manard is up there with Bruce Springsteen and NIN.

clancy98 05-29-07 12:54 PM

ted nugent. all i have to say is: ted. nugent.

KingTermite 05-29-07 12:55 PM


Originally Posted by jsharr
Sears just lets me in their store for free to wander around the Craftsman area, drooling. They usually do not even make me mop up. There is more for your life at Sears.

Lots at Lowe's and Home Depot too!!

Mo'Phat 05-29-07 03:42 PM

Always my favorite Tool logo.

/ashamed to admit my favs are the old school jams Prison Sex, Stinkfist, Hooker with a Penis, 3rd Eye, Aenima, and Eulogy.

atomship47 05-30-07 07:14 PM

hehehe. i had that bumper sticker on the side windshield of my old boat. after i traded it in, this old man (in his 70's i'm guessing) bought the boat...sticker still on it.

skiahh 05-30-07 08:11 PM

Jimmy Buffet, September 2nd, Gillette Stadium, Sky Box seats! And best of all, no stupid Ticketmaster (scalping) fees.

the wonginator 05-30-07 08:16 PM


youtube live videos of Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman) Rosetta Stoned.... SO intense.

Lecterman 05-30-07 08:18 PM

Last time I saw too live was 1994 when they were touring for "undertow".

Fantastic show and it was the first show I had been to where the band sounded as good live as they did on their album.

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