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Allen 07-15-07 03:00 PM

Odd Plant?
Does anyone know the name of this plant? I found this one on the edge of the road today.
I haven't seen one since I was a kid and don't remember what they are called.
They have a flower and leaf pattern like a mimosa, but are very small, no more than a foot high, and have small thorns.
The coolest thing is when you touch them, the leaves close.

And a .gif showing the leaves close

wesGTZR 07-15-07 03:41 PM

Mimosa or silk tree are the common names

wesGTZR 07-15-07 03:43 PM

oops. I didn't read about the thorns. You have me stumped.

Allen 07-15-07 03:45 PM

This is a different plant to what we call (I know as) Mimosas around here. A mimosa will grow into a full tree, this is a small vine.

Where in SW Ga are you? My father was born in Cordele.

jsharr 07-15-07 04:02 PM

It is a mimosa, Mimosa Pudica, or sensitive plant. There is a tree known as a mimosa tree, Albizia Julibrissin.

Taerom 07-15-07 04:03 PM

Don't know what they're called, but I remember playing with those in science class.

pmseattle 07-15-07 04:03 PM

Sorry I don't know the name but I remember that they are all over Hawaii where I lived for a few years when very young. I used to amuse myself as a small child by doing what you described - I was easily amused in those days.

ravenmore 07-15-07 04:06 PM

Those are all over Texas I think - esp. south Texas. I used to play with them as a kid too.

donnamb 07-15-07 06:53 PM

I also know them as mimosa.

SingingSabre 07-15-07 11:47 PM

Touch-me-nots or sensitive plants to me.

I heard somewhere that US troops planted them in the Philippenes to alert them to recent enemy movements in some war.

icithecat 07-16-07 01:37 AM

Scratching high school biology from the early seventies here. Definately Mimosa or Mimosa thorn. The reaction is caused by 'turgor pressure'. A hydraulic reaction in the plants '?'.

Stacey 07-16-07 01:55 AM


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