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Moose 08-18-07 02:01 PM

Help me out here

Originally Posted by Halloween (Post 5096936)
Help me out here.

Is it that her shirt doesn't fit, or her pants don't fit, or the photographer used a fisheye lens?

Anyone want to help out Halloween?

Continued from this discussion in Bicycle Mechanics.

Tom Stormcrowe 08-18-07 02:17 PM

It's neither, I think she looks nice ;)

Ritehsedad 08-18-07 02:59 PM

The stupid fishing pole is in the way...

polara426sh 08-18-07 03:10 PM

At least she's using a spinning reel instead of one of those stupid casting reels. I hate those silly things, such a PITA.

Bionic Pammy 08-18-07 03:14 PM

Why do I see this showing up for Birthdays???

Caspar_s 08-18-07 05:04 PM

It's fashion, the clothes are cut that way.

Oh, noooo, serious answer in Foo...



The WORLD shrunk because of all the water, so she is the only normal sized thing...

Moose 08-18-07 06:46 PM

I am guessing she is an English Teacher, who else would have a punctuation mark tattooed right above her ******.

I can picture her in some dark rimmed glasses and teacher garb.

norsehabanero 08-18-07 07:59 PM

there was a fishing reel in that pic

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