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mlts22 08-19-07 02:31 AM

Need help with backup programs
I've been using a backup program called Retrospect for backing up multiple machines on my network.

Retrospect used to be a Mac backup program, and allowed for not just solid encryption (DES was tops at the time in 1989), but full remote backups to AppleShare servers.

These days, it can back up Windows, Mac, Solaris, Linux, or about anything. It can back up to disk, then you can copy the backup set from the disk to tape, stacks of DVDs, or other backup media.

Of course, anything this good doesn't seem to last long. From what I've been reading, because Retrospect takes market segment from Networker, EMC is either going to kill it, or let it die an unmaintained death.

By chance, anyone know of a similar product that can do the following:

Back up Windows machines completely, so they can be restored with a boot floppy.
Allow for disk to disk to tape (or disk to disk to DVD), or transferring the backup set data from medium to medium
Encrypt the backup set. A couple nonprofits I help out have to have encryption due to contracts.
(hopefully) Allow backups to sets of DVD+Rs.

Thanks for any help. I don't have the cash for Networker.

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