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DoTheDrew 08-20-07 12:05 AM

I Hate...

This noisy ******* has been chirping out side my bedroom window for the last two hours. He's driving me NUTS!

the worst part is, its not even like "chirp chirp" Its just one long continuos chirp. over and over and over.

Siu Blue Wind 08-20-07 12:16 AM

Poor guy. He just wants to mate.

Cypress 08-20-07 02:02 AM

I know how that goes. The first night at KP's casa was rough. Upstate New York has some CRICKETS!

Mariner Fan 08-20-07 04:36 AM

They end up in my garage from time to time and make a heck of a racket. I have to hunt them down and sweep them out.

atomship47 08-20-07 05:43 AM

and how. add cicadas to that list as well.

Hobartlemagne 08-20-07 05:54 AM


Originally Posted by atomship47 (Post 5104180)
and how. add cicadas to that list as well.


Stacey 08-20-07 06:03 AM

Could be worse...

Minesbroken 08-20-07 06:23 AM


Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind (Post 5103638)
Poor guy. He just wants to mate.

Yay!!!! you brought back the Bouncy Bouncy Boing Boing *claps* :D

snowy 08-20-07 06:31 AM

:lol: Had to laugh when I saw this. I have the same problem. This guy is one heck of a busy dude.

One morning I thought I saw him when I took my dog outside. It was like he was waiting up for me all night to come outside. CRAZY BUG!!

powerhouse 08-20-07 02:58 PM

I hate, dislike, loathe, become angry, rant, rave, get pissed off, etc. about having to repeatedly undergo eye surgery and everything that goes with it!

Pupsocket 08-20-07 06:37 PM

The best answer to your suffering is to make someone else suffer more. Gather up several crickets and throw them into their office/closet/garage. If you can't be happy, at least make someone else more unhappy. ;)

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