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KingTermite 10-18-07 04:54 AM

Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids.

Stacey 10-18-07 05:06 AM

Coquetted spiral phalanges erupt dimensionally effervescent limbic cheese proteins on sedentary portal ions while meandering towards spacial differentials of gestational dysfunction.

Taerom 10-18-07 05:09 AM

meat sandwich

wfin2004 10-18-07 05:57 AM

This computer at work is worth its weight as an anchor.

wolfpack 10-18-07 06:30 AM

slow computers are aggrevating

edzo 10-18-07 06:45 AM

skizziks spelled sideways is skizziks

MrCrassic 10-18-07 07:08 AM

Blackzilla!!!!! Omg!!!!!

ModoVincere 10-18-07 07:12 AM

The lizard man lives. (Doors reference)

jsharr 10-18-07 07:44 AM

Originally Posted by wolfpack (Post 5476166)
slow computers are aggrevating

this set off the congruency alarm, but it woke me up, so thanks.

jsharr 10-18-07 07:45 AM

the green ones are supposed to have special powers

ModoVincere 10-18-07 07:50 AM

Conguency shall not exist in this thread! thus says Jsharr.

jsharr 10-18-07 09:12 AM

Yeah, I've been high and I've been low and I don't which way to go.

KingTermite 10-18-07 09:17 AM

Keep this M&M for breeding.

ModoVincere 10-18-07 09:19 AM

Are oyster really an aphrodisiac? hmmmm....

jsharr 10-18-07 09:20 AM

Lemming of the BD, Lemming of the BD, Lemming of the BDA!

KingTermite 10-18-07 09:26 AM

He goes wherever I did go

wolfpack 10-18-07 09:26 AM

spongebob squarepants has a parrot on his shoulder and he is now driving a blue mini.

ModoVincere 10-18-07 09:26 AM

Women of Foo rule the internets!

KingTermite 10-18-07 09:27 AM

Great Scott,'s your kid.

FastEddie 10-18-07 09:50 AM

I drive a Dodge Stratus!!

MTBLover 10-18-07 09:51 AM

In search of the electrician or someone like him.

wolfpack 10-18-07 09:54 AM

lets go outside and play in the rain...

FastEddie 10-18-07 09:55 AM

Does Nair really work?

timmyquest 10-18-07 09:58 AM

I have to poop, but have a hard time going with an audience, and many classes just got out.

KingTermite 10-18-07 09:58 AM

vaseline makes good hand lotion

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