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ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:41 AM

Nachos...I want a good plate of nachos

KingTermite 10-17-07 11:42 AM

We need MERTON.

x136 10-17-07 11:42 AM

Water tastes like water, but ice tastes like water too! Weird!

dragracer 10-17-07 11:44 AM

Disco Sucks

Indy_Rider 10-17-07 11:45 AM

My dog's breath smells like cat.

ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:45 AM

I have nothing special to say at the moment..I just feel like typing for some strange reason

blonduathlongrl 10-17-07 11:46 AM

Originally Posted by x136 (Post 5470512)
...A beaver made a dam.

a mother made a ham

( will make my kid happy when she gets out of school :))

edbikebabe 10-17-07 11:47 AM

I want to be able to run a 50min 10km by next spring. I hate to run. I'm screwed.

Indy_Rider 10-17-07 11:47 AM

KingTermite 10-17-07 11:47 AM

Does rain in Spain, really stay mainly in the plain?

jsharr 10-17-07 11:49 AM

the chick pea is neither a chick, nor a pea.

x136 10-17-07 11:49 AM

Hello muddah, hello faddah.

Indy_Rider 10-17-07 11:50 AM

jsharr 10-17-07 11:50 AM

Blowed Up! Sir!

ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:51 AM

Fire in the Hole!

jsharr 10-17-07 11:52 AM

the congruency alarm just sounded.

ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:52 AM

Van Halen w/ David Lee rocks...the other incarnations..not so much.

x136 10-17-07 11:52 AM

Why do you park in a driveway and drive on the sidewalk?

ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:53 AM

Originally Posted by jsharr (Post 5470626)
the congruency alarm just sounded.

Well don't be typing something similar to what I'm typing then :D

KingTermite 10-17-07 11:53 AM


fujirider 10-17-07 11:53 AM

All I know is that I'm not putting my leg behind my head while blindfolded and smothered in baby oil for ANYBODY!

ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:55 AM

Goats are fun to chase.

KingTermite 10-17-07 11:56 AM

I predict many replies to this thread over the next few years.

jsharr 10-17-07 11:57 AM

See that horse-cab? Going to have that horse-cab stuffed for you for Christmas. Going to give all my friends stuffed animals. I'm a nature-writer.

ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:57 AM

Jalepenos are tasty

Shifty 10-17-07 11:58 AM

If it were magenta, I might feel better about it.

jsharr 10-17-07 12:01 PM

A society that gets rid of all its troublemakers goes downhill.

KingTermite 10-17-07 12:03 PM

Oooooh....chocolate cake. Oh wait....I hate chocolate cake. Why can't it be a lemon cake? :(

Shifty 10-17-07 12:05 PM

If it was as big as everyone suspects, it would cause quite a traffic jam.

ModoVincere 10-17-07 12:06 PM

olives? Why do all the pizzas in the break room have olives on them?

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