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Stacey 11-04-07 03:07 PM

close cover before striking

rosie08 11-04-07 03:16 PM

Physics NAB soon :( and I know my teacher will be expecting me to get 90%+ because I got high marks in the two tests before it, and I want to get 90%+ because I love doing well at school. Also I have been predicted A for all my subjects :eek: madness. Pressure - arg.

USAZorro 11-04-07 05:49 PM

My prescription? A vaporizer, a pair of old tube socks, and a bucket full of ice cubes.

barndoor 11-04-07 06:10 PM


wfin2004 11-04-07 06:13 PM

Don't step on my blue suede shoes.

USAZorro 11-04-07 06:30 PM

... can be yours for only three payments of $19.99, but if you call now, we'll throw in the Make it With Lard Cookbook for free.

barndoor 11-04-07 06:32 PM


wfin2004 11-04-07 06:58 PM

Originally Posted by barndoor (Post 5574746)

I was a love child from a Christmas Party my Grandmother had at her cottage up north.

USAZorro 11-05-07 12:18 PM

and then there was one...

KingTermite 11-05-07 12:23 PM

Originally Posted by wfin2004 (Post 5574862)
I was a love child from a Christmas Party my Grandmother had at her cottage up north.


This thread has gone over 1000 replies already. :rolleyes:

ModoVincere 11-05-07 12:23 PM

Oh dear God, this guy is just freaking rambling on and on and on.

Tude 11-05-07 12:25 PM

OK, who's wearing the 3 quarts of patchouli? :mad:

ModoVincere 11-05-07 12:29 PM

WTF is that smell? Fish is not acceptable to cook in a microwave at the office! Especially when it smells like its 100 years old!

Mo'Phat 11-05-07 12:35 PM

I don't care what you fools think, cheddar cheese on apple pie is damn tasty...heated, ala mode.

/congruency alert to post #2 of this thread. Sorry.

Tude 11-05-07 12:38 PM

wth did she do to her hair! Its brown and bushy and tipped in orange.

ms.gio 11-05-07 12:54 PM

Mmm that chili was good.

USAZorro 11-05-07 01:03 PM

With two hours until the close, the Dow is down 118 points today.

dragracer 11-05-07 01:20 PM

I whacked our new puppy in the head last night by accident. He decided to take a nap right under the front of my recliner. When I went to get up the foot part of the recliner knocked the bejeezus out of him. :( :( :(

USAZorro 11-05-07 01:28 PM

The Minoans worshipped in L-shaped temples. These temples were home to the Priests-kings. They also housed families, storerooms, and craftsmen. In the temples were sacred symbols such as bulls, bull horns, double axes, pillars, snakes, suns, and trees. One of the main highlights in the Minoan culture was the Palace of Knossos. The palace covered 24,000 yards, had more than sixty rooms, and was four stories high!

wfin2004 11-05-07 05:47 PM

My Wife wears this perfume that I swear, I want to just bite her from one arm to the other. And then start working my way down.:D

CycleMagic 11-05-07 05:50 PM

lazy dinner night: frozen pizza.

wolfpack 11-05-07 05:50 PM

count the number of peat blocks you need to put in each basket on the donkey's back.

wolfpack 11-05-07 05:51 PM

gabbly is farkin stupid

norsehabanero 11-05-07 08:48 PM

i have a blue and white pen

rubic 11-05-07 08:55 PM

they should just do it

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