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USAZorro 11-14-07 02:05 PM

I love my mieses to pieces

Stacey 11-14-07 02:22 PM

elementary disassociation

NeCrO632 11-14-07 02:23 PM

does what goes around really come around?

wolfpack 11-14-07 02:24 PM

:lol: to previous posts'

USAZorro 11-14-07 02:36 PM

Grape Nuts cereal... yummm :rolleyes:

NeCrO632 11-14-07 02:40 PM

is this an ilusion i have in my heart?

USAZorro 11-14-07 02:41 PM

I've got a Nikon camera, I like to take a photograph...

nick burns 11-14-07 02:59 PM

The girl is driving me crazy!

Stacey 11-14-07 03:00 PM

A fart is heavier than purple.

USAZorro 11-14-07 03:48 PM

The people's revolution

NeCrO632 11-14-07 04:54 PM

those are niiiiiice....

rubic 11-14-07 08:13 PM

I am going to ride my bicycle this Sunday, and then eat.

Stacey 11-14-07 09:12 PM

somnambulist regurgitation

USAZorro 11-14-07 10:03 PM

My kingdom for a chainwhip. :o

Tude 11-14-07 10:06 PM

MY FISHIES ARE STILL STARING AT ME!! Blarg!!! Stop it!! Sorry guys .... :rolleyes: I wonder if they hear me...

USAZorro 11-14-07 10:16 PM

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

wolfpack 11-15-07 08:11 AM

going to town on a unicycle

KingTermite 11-15-07 08:28 AM

Honey Nut Cheerios - breakfast of Champions!

jsharr 11-15-07 08:28 AM

dang it!

Stacey 11-15-07 08:43 AM

Do the voices in my head bother you?

USAZorro 11-15-07 08:53 AM

What's the line on a balloon going out of control during the Macy's parade?

barndoor 11-15-07 10:52 AM

I like pepperoni combos....yum!

USAZorro 11-15-07 10:53 AM

ITS stands for Interplan Teleprocessing System

Tude 11-15-07 10:54 AM

a one hour timesheet. I'm processing a one hour timesheet which means payroll is cutting a check worth one hour ...

USAZorro 11-15-07 11:00 AM

Pebbles loves to have her lower back rubbed.

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