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jsharr 10-17-07 11:24 AM

The incongruent thread
Your reply can have nothing to do with the post that preceeds it.

ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:25 AM

I like apple pie...especially ala mode.

x136 10-17-07 11:25 AM

use smaller words thx

ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:26 AM


x136 10-17-07 11:27 AM

k (blah!)

squegeeboo 10-17-07 11:27 AM

One, I pet a llama. I named him Roberto

making 10-17-07 11:28 AM


Tude 10-17-07 11:29 AM

I have a small hangover and have to go out again tonite.

ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:29 AM


jsharr 10-17-07 11:29 AM

picket fencing was once common on FM car radios

dragracer 10-17-07 11:31 AM

100% all beef franks

KingTermite 10-17-07 11:31 AM

I believe in ghosts.....but not dead ones.

Indy_Rider 10-17-07 11:32 AM

Is there anything more boring in prime time than baseball?

making 10-17-07 11:32 AM

Leave me alone, I am working.

botto 10-17-07 11:33 AM

Guns are for girls.

KingTermite 10-17-07 11:34 AM

I like mountains

x136 10-17-07 11:34 AM

Horatio Sanz once had a pet astrologer named Soratio Hanz.

ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:35 AM

Momma always said "life is like a box of chocalte"

Tude 10-17-07 11:35 AM

These vegetables suck, I want a cheeseburger

Taerom 10-17-07 11:35 AM

This makes about as much sense as any thread started by maximan1.

jsharr 10-17-07 11:35 AM

I think that I will have tacos campechanos for lunch.

KingTermite 10-17-07 11:36 AM

I think tomboys are the sexiest women.

Indy_Rider 10-17-07 11:36 AM

My dog's feet smell like Fritos.

ModoVincere 10-17-07 11:36 AM

I had red beans and rice for lunch. Probably clear the place out in a couple hours.

x136 10-17-07 11:37 AM

I think stream of consciousness writing is too hey it's really cloudy outside I'm hungry can I have the rest of the day off?

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