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Bo 11-30-99 11:01 PM

new bmxer
i need help...i've been bmxing 4 a year now but ive been using an old gt dyno.i'm looking to get serious about bmxing and im wondering what kind of bike to get thats under$500 .so far ive been looking at the redline john purse model and the haro sr 3.0
im 5ft3in 150 lbs. and looking to race bmx please help me with my problem

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scott 12-06-99 12:40 AM

Hey Bo ,
I am a retired old school racer (circa 1984) and one thing I found out is it's the little things that really make the difference . Here are some up grades you can try first :
1 . 180 mm three piece cranks
2. wider bars
3. ride ride ride
I know I did not like to hear that then eather . But if you REALLY need a new bike I would look at the Red line , MCS ,GT , DBR , Specialized , Trek , or Haro . With your size you will want a standard size . Don't go for the xx , they will be to long for you and manuals and speed jumps will be harder to do . If you need any more advice . Feel free to e-mail me . I also will be running e bay items shortly . so check us out .
Stay rad

S&Mdirtrider 08-07-04 11:35 PM

I would get a Compton Volume bike, idk how good it is for racing i just love that bike

Mr.Noobie 08-08-04 02:23 AM

^^^ why would you respond to a post thats almost 5 years old?

jsharr 04-29-08 01:41 PM

Hey Twahl, how you doin?

ModoVincere 04-29-08 01:43 PM

good gawd! were the interwebz even in existence in 99? :eek: :D

Taerom 04-29-08 01:46 PM

So I wonder if Bo has gone pro yet?

twahl 04-29-08 01:48 PM

bo knows baseball...

jsharr 04-29-08 01:50 PM

bo knows all of his split personalities too.

HardyWeinberg 04-29-08 01:55 PM

Originally Posted by jsharr (Post 6606063)
bo knows all of his split personalities too.

You're thinking of Herschel.

hos13 04-29-08 01:57 PM

Fake. Mods can make post up. :D

jsharr 04-29-08 02:00 PM

Not slow stupid mods from Texas. just saying.

hos13 04-29-08 02:04 PM

I will reply in 11 years, then I will be the winner.

sets alarm clock for apirl 29 00:00:00 2020

jsharr 04-29-08 02:07 PM

*heads to turn off power at hos13 estate*

hos13 04-29-08 02:27 PM

Ok, I'm back had a strange power failure... hey wait a minute. jsharr, sleep with one eye open :mad:

jsharr 04-29-08 02:28 PM

I only have the one eye after playing the cup and ball thing with Hobartlemagne.

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