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tasr 01-25-08 02:51 PM

…turn back the symptoms of Alzheimer's

Although Alzheimer's is NO joke, this device could help many.

KingTermite 01-25-08 02:54 PM

Looks interesting. Too bad its still in such early stages. My grandmother has early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

mlts22 01-25-08 03:00 PM

I hope it can be put into production too. Alzheimer's is not a hell for the patient, its pure torture for the caregivers watching someone forget who they are.

v1k1ng1001 01-25-08 06:04 PM

It's hell for some patients too.

cyclepixie 01-28-08 03:35 AM

hey mlts22, thanks for acknowledging caregivers - I've been taking care of my Alz. afflicted husband for 9 years - it's a lonely invisible job - just seeing your post made my day.

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