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Rocky Mountain 01-27-08 09:31 PM

Take cover underground!
A satellite is set to enter our atmosphere sometime in late February and it may land in your backyard!

Don't they always send old satellites through the atmosphere? Would it even be possible for it not to burn up completely? I obviously don't know anything about this stuff. I just find it funny how the media plays up this stuff.

Portis 01-27-08 09:53 PM

So, there is an asteroid hurtling close to earth tonight. Better hold on tight.

jsharr 01-27-08 09:56 PM

Listen to Space Junk by Devo whilst sipping a SkyLab Fallout in your underground bunker.

Allen 01-27-08 10:25 PM


norsehabanero 01-27-08 10:28 PM

the sky is falling the sky is falling

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