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daredevil 01-28-08 01:34 PM

Snow day!
The children are happy today where I live. My daughter is taking advantage of it by sleeping it away. You guessed it, a teenager.

and we didn't even need it. The storm was well over by the time school would have started. It is now a beautiful sunny day though a bit chilly. :)

Anyways, snow days are pretty cool for the kiddies.

Any others having one today or recently? I know in the east, a forecast for snow is enough to call off school.

Tude 01-28-08 01:38 PM

Hmmmm wonder how far away from where I live in WishaIhadamoresnow is from Manitsacolda? :D

Cypress 01-28-08 01:41 PM

Disadvantage: Montana.

We could have 2 feet of fresh stuff and still no snow day (it's happened before).

daredevil 01-28-08 01:49 PM

I might mention that I did go ride in it this morning. :D

10 degrees. Only went out for about a half hour.

Olebiker 01-28-08 05:59 PM

We don't get snow days here in Florida, but my family calls a day off for an impending hurricane a "snow" day.

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