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blue_neon 02-07-08 03:36 AM

..was crashing my beloved Firefox anytime i wanted to launch multi-media application.

Not to mention i hate most things Apple.

:) :D ;) party!

Sorry this is just some random rant :D

mlts22 02-07-08 03:43 AM

I have Quicktime installed in a VM, so if I have to view some website, I can pull up VirtualPC, view the site in its all unrestricted (and usually ad-laden) glory, then close the VM (having it dump all changes.)

I just don't like adding codecs and other stuff to my main install of Windows, unless absolutely needed.

KingTermite 02-07-08 09:09 AM

You can also try "QuickTime Alternative". A freeware QT player without the bloat, ads, nag screens, etc....

Although....I installed QT alternative (maybe 6 months ago) and it did not work for the "latest" HD videos, FYI.

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