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pgoat 03-14-08 09:00 AM

sharing printer on two computers - why not working?
I'm confused.

We just bought a new iMac and the Time Capsule external backup Hard Drive and wireless/hardwire router.

we are using the Time Capsule as a router for our new Mac and the old PC we've had for 9 years. so far the internet access is working fine, no issues, set up easily.

The Time Capsule has one USB port and we used that for our lone printer, intending to share it with both machines.

The first night we set it up, I got both computers to print no problem.

The next day, the PC no longer printed, and has not , no matter what we try (reinstalling the drivers, renaming it, looking for different ports, etc etc..... Meanwhile, The Mac has continued printing with no issues.

I am stumped that it would work fine when first set up, but now won't work no matter what.....


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