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KrisPistofferson 03-15-08 09:55 PM


OK, watch this.

Now, don't read this until you've watched that stuff.^^^^

I just read about this in a cool book called Elephants on Acid and Other Bizarre Experiments, but I figured I would be immune to something so obvious because I'm so incredibly smart. :(

Cool book and commercial, though. :)

Wordbiker 03-15-08 10:53 PM

I have to admit...I would've run down a cyclist dressed as a moonwalking bear....whether I saw him or not.

skinnyone 03-15-08 11:13 PM

I got the passes right.. Yeayy..

Old Dirt Hill 03-15-08 11:28 PM

Looks like they removed the intro? It involved about 30 seconds of a guy doing some cool dribbling/spinning of a basketball. I thought it really got you into the "follow-the-basketball" mode.

red house 03-16-08 12:22 AM

I saw it .. but I was completely distracted while it was instructing the viewer to be counting the number of passes . I never started counting ..

And btw, (fwiw) I'm sure if the bear had actually been riding a bicycle it would have been much more noticeable ?

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