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masshoff 03-17-08 07:45 PM

any drummers here?
if you are a drummer - or know a drummer - drop me a PM.

I've worked in the drum business for 10 years for a company that you'd all know, and am starting a new business with the owners of another veteran company, and am looking for some friendly drummers to share some ideas with.

Siu Blue Wind 03-17-08 07:47 PM

Not a drummer here but I just wanted to say I like your choice in bikes. :D

mrt10x 03-17-08 08:29 PM

mandolin and guitar.. drummers freak me out.. smell like cabage... small hands

Alfster 03-17-08 08:56 PM

Just play basic beginner Dumbek.

Bostic 03-18-08 12:27 AM

Rlrr Lrll
Rlrrll Rlrrll

permanentjaun 03-18-08 12:58 AM

I used to be a drummer. I played for 10 years, then college hit. I decided to sell my acoustics and built an electronic kit to use at school without bothering anyone. It worked, but it wasn't reliable and broke often. So I scrapped it and didn't have enough money to buy another set of acoustics.

Jump 4 years and I'm graduated with no place to play. I have enough money to buy a kit, but no where to play them. As soon as I buy my own house this will be my other big purchase of the year.

Obviously I've been listening to a lot of music and still hand drumming beats as well as beat boxing. I think my chops are crap now, but as far as my ear for what beat to play I think I'm still ok. About 2 years ago I sat at a set for the first time in 2 years and I was able to play the beats I wanted unless I tried to do sixteenth note paradiddles at 160+ bpm.

God I miss drumming. I've thought of picking up a guitar though and starting. I figure it is somewhat similar to typing in that the hands need to be in certain places/positions at certain times in certain succession. I can type ridiculously fast, and imagine it wouldn't be hard for me to pick up.

aikigreg 03-18-08 01:01 AM

Depends on how you define drummer. I still bang away at my set of cb700 internationales, but don't play in a band or anyfink.

lodi781 03-18-08 06:43 AM

yep, right here, but don't play as of late, I can't fit a kit in my condo...:(

Hobartlemagne 03-18-08 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by mrt10x (Post 6361683)
mandolin and guitar.. drummers freak me out.. smell like cabage... small hands


Bob Ross 03-18-08 10:11 AM

I played drums in high school and as an undergrad...(reluctantly) gave it up when I moved out of the house with the rehearsal studio in the basement 25 years ago. I have a set of Yamaha electric drum pads in my recording studio that I bang on occasionally, but the last time I sat down at a real drumkit I managed to so thoroughly embarass myself that I really feel disingenuous referring to myself even as a "former drummer"

I'm still a kick-ass bass player, if that helps...

TitaniuMerlin 03-18-08 12:18 PM

I'm a Drummer....on Medium Difficulty Level of Rockband at the moment. Some songs sure kick my ass...:eek:

eric von zipper 03-18-08 12:35 PM

I'm a bass player that plays a little percussion here and there. I recently got a cajon. Try to ignore the out of key flute--I hesitate to post this video b/c of that. Drives me up a wall. Anyway, the cajon is pretty fun to play.

EthanYQX 03-18-08 06:15 PM

Somewhat. More of a guitarist but drums are fun too.

Spreggy 03-18-08 07:10 PM

I'm a drummer, always have been as long as I can remember. Current gigs in the pipe are a party band and a big band. Give me a shout masshoff, or reach me thru my site at I'm always up for talking drum shiz. :)

marqueemoon 03-18-08 08:57 PM

PM sent. My current thing is a britpop/shoegaze-ish band without the phony accents. Been playing about 15 years on and off.

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