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Dannihilator 11-04-03 11:40 PM


Now is that useless or what.

J-McKech 11-04-03 11:55 PM

oh my god...what is it!..its funny

Joe Gardner 11-05-03 12:21 AM

LOL! That site has been up for atleast 4 years. Thanks for the link :)

MKRG 11-05-03 12:59 AM

I think it is Ricardo Montalban's bid for world domination through mass hypnosis. He is a megalomaniac after all. think about the roles he's played. In Fantasy Island he toyed with people's destinies. InThe Wrath of Khan he was none to friendly and in the last installment of the Planet of the Apes movies he harbored and raised Caesar who would be the leader of the ape revolution in the years to come. Watch out for Ricardo! He is a shifty fellow.

bumblebee 11-14-03 07:55 AM

Cola-nut; Uncola-nut

georgesnatcher 11-14-03 09:38 AM

After clicking the link and listening I am still trying to figure out what zombocom is?

megaman 11-14-03 07:22 PM

Or what it isn't.

ljbike 11-15-03 06:59 AM

or what it could be.

MadCat 11-15-03 07:14 AM

Zombo feels so good on my tired little mind.
It's clear to me now that Zombo is the messiah.

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