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Shadiyah 07-14-08 01:03 PM

Our Latest Cycling Video...
It's not the most exciting in the world, but kinda cool. We go along our normal route around our home and there is a part where a dumbass driver is driving on the wrong side of the street at the bottom of a hill and almost makes us crash. Enjoy.

Joe Gardner 07-14-08 03:03 PM

I need to spend more time previewing the camera setup before filming! :innocent:

Tom Stormcrowe 07-14-08 03:06 PM

Good lord, no wonder your image quality is so much better than mine!

JF1 07-14-08 06:43 PM

I was just up there for lunch today! Took a long lunch and rode up City Creek and over to Emigration Canyon to the top and back down to the office on 2nd south.
Neat vid.
Have you guys been to that new cycle store on 2nd s. and 2nd e.? It's less than a block from my office so I was going to go and check it out tomorrow.

Shadiyah 07-14-08 07:15 PM

I've gone and looked in the windows while it was closed. It looks like they sell mostly Treks with a couple of Gary Fishers and some cheap fixies. The store layout looks pretty cool, and its nice to finally have another shop in town again!

HigherGround 07-14-08 11:21 PM

Nice video, very relaxing to watch! Thanks for posting it. Who is the music from? Otmar Liebert?

Siu Blue Wind 07-15-08 09:00 AM

I like that vid. It IS very relaxing. That is the kind of ride I like to do. But when I go out, a lot of my friends want to ride hard.

Thanks for sharing. :)

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