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RubeRad 02-20-17 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by ridelikeaturtle (Post 19390791)
That is the ugliest watch, which makes it brilliantly cool.

I know! If I decided to, I could wear that watch with pride. But at this point I'd rather get watch that's actually nice looking.

ridelikeaturtle 02-20-17 01:49 PM


Originally Posted by RubeRad (Post 19390818)
I know! If I decided to, I could wear that watch with pride. But at this point I'd rather get watch that's actually nice looking.

I have a couple nice-looking watches already - do you have a link to where that watch is available? I'd seriously consider having that...

Nevermind, I found it!

RubeRad 03-23-17 08:45 AM


Originally Posted by RubeRad (Post 19390424)
LOL it died after 6 days. I could feel and even a little bit hear the self-winding action in the beginning, then one day I noticed it was stuck at about 1am, the day/date had changed, maybe it got stuck doing that. But shaking no longer produced the winding action. Aggressive shaking could only get it to work for a few seconds before it would stop again.

It's ALIVE! I read some web tutorials about watch repair, and figured the watch was so cheap I had nothing to lose, so I got the case off to see what I could see.

When the case came off, something small went 'tink' into the sink. Whatever it was, it was probably the thing that was obstructing the rotor, because now it moves quite freely. Just screwed the back on and I'm back in action.

Only thing is, I have decided I don't like this watch. The featureless face is actually kind of pain to read the time off of. I might not be able to resist sniping on one of these: , which fit many criteria: I like the face style and the color, I want a leather band, a circular (not octagonal or rectangular) case, I want the crown in the traditional Seiko 5 lower-right position, and the insides should not be very crusty.

RubeRad 05-16-17 10:55 AM

I bought this one for $18.54; it took about six weeks to arrive from India, it arrived last Fri

I love it! Except for one thing; i've been tracking its accuracy, and it's running consistently slow by about 3.7 seconds per hour, which is about 90s/day.

The watch (I guess like all mechanicals) has a rate adjustment, here's a good closeup:

For any that have experience with tuning a watch with this rate adjustment, about how far (tiny) might I need to move the adjuster to compensate for running slow by that magnitude?

Like move the notch from where it is to line up with the + groove? Half of that? 1/10 of that?

ahsposo 05-16-17 11:11 AM

Yeah, except it looks to be set all the way over to fast.

It needs a service or a new movement.

That will put you back to the point of buying a new one.

Having said that, I just bought a new NH-36a movement for one of mine. I'll put in a diver or a military case. Just less that $50 on ebay.

RubeRad 05-16-17 11:25 AM

What makes you say it's all the way over to fast? The notch is about halfway between middle and +. Or are you talking about the position of the bulb near the opposite side of the adjustment disc (making up terms as I go here)?

Buying more things is not going to happen. I can tolerate 90s/day if necessary. I'm not a collector by nature. I'm a 'have-one-good-for-how-cheap-it-is-thing' kinda guy.

I gave my son the yellow one I bought last year, which is fast by only about 1s/hr.

That one I bought for just $8. And then because it stopped working a week after I got it, the seller refunded me half. Since I had at that point only $4 to lose, I opened the back to see if I could tell why it stopped, and PING some tiny hard thing fell out (and bounced down the sink). I don't know if it was a grain of sand or a screw or what, but the watch works fine now! (And now I have the confidence to open watch backs all the time)

RubeRad 05-18-17 12:03 PM

Well, I broke it. I was trying to adjust the rate thingum, first with a ballpoint pen, and then because that was kind of a blunt instrument, with a thumbtack. Suddenly the balance wheel just stopped. I guess maybe I broke or disconnected the hairspring or something.

RIP green watch, you were beautiful (well you still are beautiful, and accurate twice every Wed 17th). After 6-12 months of penance and self-deprivation (wearing my timex ironman) I'll shop for another...

RubeRad 05-18-17 12:20 PM

DO NOT TOUCH THIS ONE (see at 0:59)

I touched that one. What's the name for that one? What does it do vs the proper regulation adjustment arm?

ahsposo 09-14-17 08:45 PM

You can touch it. You just don't want to move it when you touch it. It's the improper regulation arm.

ahsposo 09-14-17 08:55 PM

It's been a while since I posted.

Here are some of my recent acquisitions:

cbrstar 09-15-17 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by RubeRad (Post 19592988)
DO NOT TOUCH THIS ONE (see at 0:59)

I touched that one. What's the name for that one? What does it do vs the proper regulation adjustment arm?

I'm a amateur Watchmaker so I'll try to explain it. Both arms make up the "Regulator" Now adjusting the big arm really messes up the isochronism of the watch. The arm adjusts if your watch is "In beat" which means the balance is swinging the same amount of degree's in both directions. If it's out you can sometimes hear it as a gallop instead of that nice tick you usually hear. It takes either a timing machine, math, or years of experience to set it correctly.

The small arm is a minor adjustment.

RubeRad 09-15-17 12:28 PM

thank you thank you! can I email you to ask more? (this thread probably doesn't want this info)

EDIT -- PM got, thx for getting in touch!

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