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lucky53s 08-05-08 03:02 PM

I need a Foo logo right now
It's for a little project. Pictures of Foo wiminz will be accepted as long as you volunteer one of yourself. No suggestions of one of anyone else because it's going on the interwebz.

ms.gio 08-05-08 03:10 PM

The first thought that came to mind was the design that artifice designed for the jersey.

jsharr 08-05-08 03:14 PM

I caught you a delicious bass

And yes that is me and yes you can use it, glad I could solve your problem.:thumb::D

lucky53s 08-05-08 03:17 PM

But that doesn't have quail, pie, xplody pup or 42 in it..... That does look like a delicious bass though. Can I get it with fries and hushpuppies?

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