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goldfishin 09-01-08 04:34 PM

best playstation emulator?
i just rebought vagrant story (the 3rd time in 8 years!) and would like to know of a good emulator to play it with on my pc. so, what is a good psx emulator? where's a safe place to download it?

goldfishin 09-01-08 10:46 PM

i need one that doesn't require the bios.

x136 09-01-08 11:08 PM

I haven't bothered looking at them in many years, but the last time I did, it turned out that the best course of action was to just use a real Playstation.

AEO 09-01-08 11:09 PM

hard to say, but epsxe is the more popular one.
unfortunately, due to the dubious nature of emulators, you have to magically find a bios for them otherwise the emulators would be flat out illegal and would be taken down by sony.
and a modded ps2 slim goes pretty cheap used.

goldfishin 09-02-08 08:40 AM

i was thinking of just buying a cheap used ps one and the downloading the bios like they reccomend.

how do you do that?

and i would like to be able to just jam the cd into my pc's drive and have it work.

Snowsurfer 09-02-08 10:31 PM

there was one called Bleem!

it was taken out by Sony

another is ePSXe <---- :thumb:

goldfishin 09-02-08 10:47 PM

epsxe works without the bios? i was told it needed it.

AEO 09-02-08 11:03 PM

yeah, you need the bios to run it...

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