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kingofchimps 09-03-08 11:39 AM

Selling a car... help
first time selling car private party

so basically:

get $$$ for car (cashier check)
sign away pink slip

USAZorro 09-03-08 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by kingofchimps (Post 7393291)
first time selling car private party

so basically:

get $$$ for car (cashier check)
sign away pink slip

In PA, that's it. Make sure you know what papers the buyer will need to have, and who has authority to notarize. Here, the Dept of Transportation does this for free. Not sure about Cali.

DannoXYZ 09-03-08 11:57 AM

I take only cash. I got burned once by a fake cashier's check selling some computer equipment. Amazing what you can do with a scanner and inkjet printer nowadays. :(

Siu Blue Wind 09-03-08 12:13 PM

Fill out a release of liability. If that person fails to register it to their name, it will still be under YOUR name even though you sold it. It has to be REGISTERED to the new person. Should he go out and rob a bank using it or hit and run someone, the authorities will come to you. Also...any parking tickets they get will still come to your house.

From the link above:

How does the notice of transfer and release of liability protect me?

When properly completed, and the information is recorded by DMV, liability for parking and/or traffic violations and civil litigation, resulting from operation after the date of sale, becomes the responsibility of the subsequent purchaser (Vehicle Code 5602). Additionally, when the NRL information is received by DMV, and the vehicle record is marked, no further vehicle registration renewal notices will be mailed to you for the reported vehicle.

kingofchimps 09-03-08 12:26 PM

thanks all

that should be enough info

think I'll have him meet me at my bank, deposit cashier check and then sign away

appreciate the input

Siu Blue Wind 09-03-08 12:40 PM

Make sure he registers it!! Go with him to DMV and get that release!!!

jsharr 09-03-08 02:03 PM

Cashier's checks can be forged. Meet him at his bank and have him get the cashiers check as you watch would be a better plan.

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