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lachy94 10-01-08 10:57 PM

What is Goo Gone?
Obviously I know it's for removing sticky residue from stickers and stuff, but what's the active ingredient? I ask because I'm from Australia and I'm struggling to find it... and I'd like an alternative. Normally when I want to remove gunk from things I would use eucalyptus oil (Australian much) but that can sometimes do nasty things to plastic, and I'm guessing clearcoat?

maximan1 10-01-08 10:59 PM

How is this related to fixed gears?

Siu Blue Wind 10-01-08 11:03 PM

Welcome to Foo.

Mr Wiggles 10-01-08 11:07 PM

It's an adhesive remover, it's made by all types of manufacturers. Check your local automotive store or general supply store, you might see brands like 3M and Kent for example (don't know about Australia). If you can't find that you can use WD-40, it works pretty well also it's just a little harsher on clearcoat finishes. Lacquer thinner would also work but I wouldn't use this as a first choice due to the residue it leaves. A blunt scraping object will also work really well with the solvents. Just make sure you test it on a little spot on the bike to make sure it's not going to leave a residue or smoke your finish.

Wordbiker 10-01-08 11:54 PM

I believe Goo Gone is citrus based.

fuzzbox 10-02-08 12:05 AM

Rubbing alcohol works too.

AEO 10-02-08 12:13 AM

Goo gone is citrus based. All you need to look for is a citrus based cleaner/degreaser.

Tude 10-02-08 07:14 AM

As a matter of fact I have a bottle behind me --- it seems the old occupants of my new office had a fetish for scotch tape. I can look behind me to three filing cabinets and I can do a quick count of at least 50 pieces of tape on just one cabinet. It's on my drawers, edges of desks, all over the windows. Ugh.

Goo Gone will definitely help with that!!!!

My Mom cleans for a living and that has been in her bucket of cleaning products for years.

Great for getting that sticky stuff off of recently purchased items too!

StupidlyBrave 10-02-08 07:17 AM

Why do you hate goo?

jsharr 10-02-08 07:28 AM

I thought it was used to take babies voices away.

ModoVincere 10-02-08 08:10 AM

I should probably buy some of this stuff.
Took my car through a car wash the other day. Now that the window is clean on the outside, the only dirt is on the inside. You still see where the price/list was stuck to the window. This car is 8 years old :eek:

CbadRider 10-02-08 08:47 AM

Here is a link to the MSDS. It lists the ingredients at the bottom of the page.

KingTermite 10-02-08 08:51 AM

Don't waste your money.

I've got goo gone a few times and it never worked for beans for me. I've tried it many times on the sticky residue left over from price tags and couldn't well get them off. What's worse is the smell is so atrocious it makes me sick every time I've tried to use it.

Recently had this issue and my girlfriend did it with fingernail polish remover (alcohol based) and it worked much better than goo gone ever did.

vtjim 10-02-08 09:18 AM


Originally Posted by jsharr (Post 7589278)
I thought it was used to take babies voices away.

Doesn't work. I slipped some into a sippy-cup on an A310 and all the kid did was cry harder. Something about its tummy hurting. I dunno.


jsharr 10-02-08 09:19 AM

I think you have to remove the voice box and soak it in the stuff.

vtjim 10-02-08 09:21 AM

I tried that but TSA took my scalpels at the security checkpoint. Jerks.

jsharr 10-02-08 09:22 AM

Watch Roadhouse. Patrick Swayze will teach you the correct toolless method for this.

Tude 10-02-08 09:24 AM


Originally Posted by jsharr (Post 7589278)
I thought it was used to take babies voices away.


only you would have thought of that!

JHG57 10-02-08 09:26 AM

Looks like naptha and petroleum distillate are the 2 main ingredients ... splash in some lemon oil for fragrance and the right to tout it as citrus based.

jsharr 10-02-08 09:27 AM


Originally Posted by Tude (Post 7589929)

only you would have thought of that!

And what does it say about you that you find it funny?:innocent::D

nilsen581 11-02-17 11:50 PM


Rollfast 11-02-17 11:58 PM


Originally Posted by Wordbiker (Post 7588335)
I believe Goo Gone is citrus based.

Correct and it's supposed to be gentler to surfaces. Don't know if it's less toxic.

I've used it for years, although not lately, it worked as it claimed.

Rollfast 11-02-17 11:59 PM


Originally Posted by jsharr (Post 7589944)
And what does it say about you that you find it funny?:innocent::D

Is there a Google Gone?

coffeesnob 11-03-17 03:25 AM

kerosene works wonders

mrodgers 11-03-17 06:48 AM


Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind (Post 7588195)
Welcome to Foo.

Indeed. Goo belongs in Foo!

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