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maximan1 10-02-08 09:39 PM

New Metallica album...
Yay or nay?

I think its awesome.

Post your opinion.

AEO 10-02-08 09:44 PM


maximan1 10-02-08 09:45 PM

Megadeth not so great.

Sage23 10-02-08 09:47 PM


I like the way you've phrased the poll as I think the album has this overproduced, trying too hard to bring back the past but failing feel to it. Its missing the emotion.

fuzzbox 10-02-08 09:59 PM

I hate Metallica. All there songs sound alike and yea I can keep on going on and on about how much they stink.

AEO 10-02-08 10:05 PM

megadeth > metallica :p

fuzzbox 10-02-08 10:13 PM

Arch Enemy's Symphony Of Destruction>Megadeth version

Wordbiker 10-02-08 10:28 PM

I'll have to download their album from Napster and find out if I...oh, wait. NM.

hos13 10-03-08 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by AEO (Post 7594956)
megadeth > metallica :p

megadeth gets better each album, while metallica gets more interesting with each album.

ehidle 10-03-08 01:05 PM

It's James Hetfield too busy shutting down bike paths in California to record a new album?

FlatMaster 10-03-08 01:08 PM

The title sucks too

UnsafeAlpine 10-03-08 02:25 PM

Last good album was Black.

mlts22 10-03-08 03:18 PM

I bought the album the first day it appeared on the MP3 store I use, 1-2 songs were pretty good. The others sort of faded from recollection.

Old Metallica I listen to, to rock hard.
New Metallica I listen to as an avant garde musical band who is finding new musical ground.

Same band, different mental pathways.

Same band, but the 4 year or so gap between Black and Load pretty much put them in different categories. I personally divide old and new by the hiatus between Black and Load, but others may go by after AJFA, or perhaps even MoP.

As for comparing with Megadeth, its apples and oranges. I like 'em both. Megadeth lyrics (new and old) got me "A"'s in multiple classes when I used their songs as citations for essays.

umd 10-04-08 05:13 AM

I'm about halfway through it... like it so far. Missed the last album; heard that was supposed to be pretty bad.

Bostic 10-04-08 08:00 AM

Album of the year for me. Best album from them since AJFA. I listen to both the cd and the GH III versions depending on mood. Lars was one of my biggest influences on the drums as a teenager in the 80's.

I dig early Megadeth. Gar's drumming gave them soul, but at a price. Some redemption with Marty joining and his unique phrasing. Post Risk era I can't get into at all.

EJ123 10-04-08 08:16 AM

Metalcore/Screamo/Posthardcore wins all!

Falkon 10-04-08 08:52 AM

I haven't heard a Metallica album since St Anger. I'll give it a listen, but they really aren't what they used to be.

icebiker76 10-04-08 04:21 PM

lyrically they seem kind of...whiny.

timmhaan 10-04-08 04:24 PM

not great, nor particularly original, but better than i thought it would be.

ehidle 10-04-08 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by UnsafeAlpine (Post 7598038)
Last good album was Black.


celticfrost 10-04-08 09:05 PM


Originally Posted by Falkon (Post 7601678)
I haven't heard a Metallica album since St Anger. I'll give it a listen, but they really aren't what they used to be.

They haven't been what they used to be since 1984. They're the Rolling Stones/ Aerosmith of "metal" -- as in they've been around for eons and HAVEN'T sucked in eons minus 2 years.

black_box 10-05-08 01:13 PM

I've listened to a few tracks and nothing really grabbed me. I started with metallica in the early 90's, picked up the guitar and played their music almost exclusively. Haven't heard anything here that made me want to play it :( the solos are typical Kirk style. I don't think the phrasing is very good and its more of the "play this lick 4 times, move to the next lick, repeat". They don't seem to flow very well and he just rapes the wah pedal on too many songs.

The mixing seems "off" to me, the guitars need to come out more and back off on the drums (snare) and vocals a touch. At some point in their career Lars switched to that annoying snare drum and I've never really liked it.

mlts22 10-06-08 01:05 AM

I always buy the latest Metallica album, even if its to listen once and no more. Its sort of a tribute thing to something long since passed. However, metal has moved on, and the torch has been passed to bands like Avenged Sevenfold or All That Remains. Metallica is a fundamental part of the metal scene, just like Hellhammer and Deep Purple, but one always has to be able to listen and rock to new stuff.

joewey 10-06-08 05:39 AM

I like it when they scream it makes my hair stand. :thumb:

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