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FlatMaster 10-03-08 03:21 PM

I use foo as a word now
i've began to use foo as a word.

"You've just to got to foo with it a bit"

"That's just a bunch of foo"

"What the foo?" (good for mixed company)

FlatMaster 10-03-08 03:21 PM

Yeah, let's see the Titanium club do that!!

mlts22 10-03-08 03:35 PM

I've been using foo as a word for years, although as a UNIX sysadmin, its part of the territory. Same with bar and baz.

trsidn 10-03-08 03:37 PM

UnsafeAlpine 10-03-08 03:53 PM

I want that poster.

Tude 10-03-08 04:03 PM



Do not want!!!

I mean, hehe, it was bad enough when one of the three people I was with all weekend suddenly asked - SO -- do you refer to the other person here as their real name or their "handle" --- and juci and I replied - well in other circles - it's been our handle.

Mom was surprised when this man jumped out of his vehicle - gave me a smooch and hugged my Mom caller her "Momma Tude" (I prewarned her).

And over the weekend, we realized how much we referred to ourselves as random, tude or juci, etc - kinda funny.

It happens quite a bit when I get together with different forum friends too.

Foo - and yes I've used "Fooishness" in a conversation - and people just look at me.


Foo works!

USAZorro 10-03-08 05:11 PM

Originally Posted by Tude (Post 7598612)
Foo works!

Only when there's no other option. :D

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