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Tude 10-03-08 04:25 PM

Tetnus Shot Owwie :(
OK so I haven't had one since the '80's - and that freaking hurt immediately (prolly bigger needles back then too - ugh) - and since I never had one before - when I got it in my right arm ----- and then went to go drive home in my non-automatic car --- FREAK --- shifting was NOT FUN.

OK, so enter the modern age (don't say a word) and so I go get one, have needed one - especially due to bike mishaps on the road, etc and so I gave in to one as a part of my overhall (hehe) general physical I've been doing ---- and so today was tetnus day.

Tweeny needle - no problem, but now I'm left with swollen bump on mah arm and it has this quiet kinda tired ache to it, aches more when in use ... and it's getting more achey too.

Want to offroad tomorrow morning. :notamused::notamused:

will it go away so's I can enjoy mahself?


wabbit 10-03-08 04:30 PM

yes, i had a tetanus booster back in april after a nasty crash. It hurt for one night and then was okay after about a day.

AEO 10-03-08 04:30 PM

so what you're saying is, you got some amazing biceps to show off to us?

Tude 10-03-08 04:34 PM

hehe nurses kept asking WHY I was getting the booster and I said no, not why, it's cause I haven't had one in a long time and I need one --- and they also asked - so when you were in the hospital a year and a half ago with mtb injuries - why didn't they give you one? I said I wish they did!!!!! Hell I was all sorts of happy on IV and oral pain killers - SHOOT me up baybeh with whatever I need!! Now's the time!

but no - some how that fell thru the crack ... :notamused: ... evidently someone, somewhere demanded I feelz some pain and not get off easy.


Tude 10-03-08 04:36 PM

Originally Posted by AEO (Post 7598783)
so what you're saying is, you got some amazing biceps to show off to us?

mah right bicep is more amazing zan ze left any day of the week.

<looks over at limp left arm, with bump and <sniffle> round bandaid>

I love the cooler weather and freak if the cool damp weather rolling in isn't bothering my booboo arm.


huhenio 10-03-08 04:40 PM

Originally Posted by Tude (Post 7598751)


here ... here ....

Big_e 10-03-08 04:49 PM

D-did you say shots?

Big_e 10-03-08 04:50 PM

Of course, you did make sure you got a grape lollipop? :D

PS: When I worked in Animal Control, every 4 years we had to get our rabies shots. Every time we turned around and got the slightest scratch, off it was to the climic for a tetanus. No matter that we had one the week before!

Hickeydog 10-03-08 05:18 PM

UnsafeAlpine 10-03-08 05:43 PM

I got checked out for all the nasties. That was fun explaining to the doctor why I wanted to. blarf.

I feel for you, Tude. Those boosters suck.

CbadRider 10-03-08 06:09 PM

With intramuscular shots, sometimes rubbing the bump helps it absorb faster. That's what I do for my flu shots.

Michigander 10-03-08 06:21 PM

I got one after I got shot when my gun fell. Didn't even really feel any pain.

Just tough it out, and do as you please. :thumb:

DannoXYZ 10-03-08 10:08 PM

Didn't really feel any pain from the bullet or the needle?

DataJunkie 10-03-08 10:23 PM

The key is to get the shot when you are in shock from being hit by a car. Somehow the broken arm and shredded knee made it so that I did not feel the needle.

stevesurf 10-03-08 10:25 PM

Originally Posted by Tude (Post 7598751)
will it go away so's I can enjoy mahself? need to be distracted; have a friend bite it :D

ball bearings 10-05-08 02:14 AM

This "foo" room must be the nerd ward .

USAZorro 10-05-08 02:44 AM

Originally Posted by ball bearings (Post 7605342)
This "foo" room must be the nerd ward .

Welcome kindred spirit.

Hey Tude, don't be afraid... ;)

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