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Snowsurfer 10-07-08 04:49 PM

Laptop Bluetooth and Network Experts Please
Doe anyone here have a laptop and was able to connect to the internet through a desktop computer, but using bluetooth technology?

I am having trouble setting it up. I am using Windows XP. I have a bluetooth dongle on my desktop computer, and the desktop has internet access. The laptop has bluetooth built in. I have paired the two successfully, and have run the network wizard which I am pretty sure has been done correctly.
On the desktop PC, in Control Panel, I went to Bluetooth Configuration. Then under

Local Services> Network Access, under properties, I selected.

Allow other devices to access the Internet/LAN via this computer.

I don't know what else to do. Your help/advice appreciated.

stevesurf 10-07-08 06:28 PM

This is not easy: from two references...


click on the Bluetooth LAN Access Service Icon.. its second right of the dial-up icon.
but, connection between two computer via LAN depends upon many thing.. you have to assign ip address first.

You have to setup a network. Go to Control Panel> Network Setup Wizard>
Click once> Cick Next two times > Select First Option
Then select the bluetooth DUN modem (If u use USB Modem then select USB Modem)

When the setting will be configured then u have to restart ur computer.

U should be able to share internet connection.


After restarting u can manually set up ur and other PC's IP addresses.

Say, ur IP is;
Subnet MASK:
Default Gateway:


For the other PC (Which will share the internet);

SUbnet Mask:
Default Gateway: (it should be ur IP).

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