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cuda2k 01-11-09 11:03 AM

Windows web hosting recommendations needed
I'm nearly at my wits end with GoDaddy right now. I will either go back to my IIS6 hosting account which I thankfully didn't cancel, or cancel both hosting accounts because their new IIS7 hosting severs are a useless POS. FTP is 3x slower, and SMTP delivery is all jacked up meaning 30-60minute delays before the messages are getting delivered either to my email account, or when sending out to another user's email. (case in point, my personal email account just got an email delivered at 10:50 that I sent from the website at 9:55)

So here's what I absolutely need:

- ASP.NET 3.5 and SQL 2005 (2x db would be nice, but I think I could survive with 1 if the max size was reasonable)

- multiple domains. unlimited would be nice, but I need probably at least 5.

- at least 10 gigs storage space

- at least 50 gig bandwith (bare minimum!)

I had opened the new IIS7 hosting account because I was wanting to use some of the features of IIS7, and they were offering PHP5 support with the new accounts as well. Thankfully I didn't cancel the old account or I'd really be screwed.

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