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ehidle 01-31-09 03:52 PM

Not a good day to be without heat
So, I've been having problems with my oil-fired furnace that were traced back to having too much water in my oil tank due to condensation over time. So, the furnace people told me I had to run my oil tank dry to get as much out as possible before filling up again.

Well, it picked a heck of a time to run out - on a Thursday night. No big deal, right? I'll just run down to the gas station and get some Kerosene to put in it - as Home Heating Oil, Kerosene, Diesel Fuel, and Jet-A are all essentially the same stuff.

Anyhoo, I put 10 gallons of Kerosene in the tank Thursday night, figuring that it'd last until my delivery today. Well, we've had particularly brutal cold the past 48 hours, and lots of wind, which doesn't bode well for my drafty house.

Long story short, that 10 gallons ran out this morning while I was gone, and the delivery still isn't here. Not wanting to go spend $3.30/gallon on more Kerosene (when heating oil is $1.915), I decided to fire up the electric heaters in the short term...

They can't handle it... :( It's 59 degrees in my house right now, and though it'd be even colder without 3000 watts (10kBTU or thereabout) of heating, it's still not too much fun. I'm *this close* to caving in and going for more Kero...


free_pizza 01-31-09 04:06 PM

had my furnace crap out at my place a few weeks ago... went down to 8 degrees, (46F). That was a miserable 24 hours.

ModoVincere 01-31-09 04:33 PM

I vote for you to go get another 10 - 20 galllons of kerosene. Heat is good.

overthehillmedi 01-31-09 07:44 PM

try and track down some purple/farm/marine, diesel,if you might be cheaper than kerosene or road diesel

Wanderer 01-31-09 08:00 PM

I'll bet that it's still cheaper than the electricity.........

ehidle 01-31-09 08:13 PM

^^ It definitely is... I actually just got back from getting 5 more gallons of kerosene. I only have one can and it's a 12 mile round trip. Ugh...

I just called them and they said they'll make it out tonight, but it might be kinda late..

Grumpy McTrumpy 01-31-09 08:57 PM

I don't know about Lansdale, but in Great Bend you can get heating oil right from the pump at some gas stations. It is called "off-road diesel". Go to a place where farmers buy fuel.

Not sure on the water issue. I've had flame-outs from water before. It's just a matter of bleeding the line to the oil burner and then resetting the lock-out. Water is heavier than oil and it should all exit the tank at the same time as long as the tank has not been stirred up. It might also be a good idea to replace your spin-on filter if you have one.

Falkon 01-31-09 09:37 PM

bleh, I have natural gas heat here. Heating bills suck ass.

ehidle 01-31-09 10:04 PM

The only way to get off-road diesel around here is to have it delivered to a permanent on-site holding tank. It is not available at pumps anywhere - at least not that I've ever seen.

RubenX 01-31-09 11:39 PM

I vote for getting some more kero as well.

x136 01-31-09 11:45 PM

If the oil delivery guy hasn't made it by now, it's time to send out a search party, 'cause he be dead.

ilikebikes 02-01-09 06:44 AM

I have three of what I thought were "crappy" electric heaters I picked up at "Save a Lot" of all places, paid $20.00 each, and they warm up a room pretty well, I had to use them last week when I ran out of fuel oil due to the same water problem, went a day and a night without the oil heat, stayed warm enough :thumb: Ever think about a fireplace? Ive never had one but I know my home had one before someone destroyed it and covered up the space where it used to be. Ive been thinking ofmaybe having someone come out and building a new improved type fireplace, but its just a thought so far.

ehidle 02-01-09 07:00 AM

Well I just took delivery of 233 gallons of heating oil at $1.915/gallon. It should have held about 15-20 gallons more than that, so I probably just still had a bunch of non-combustible junk in the bottom of the tank.

The next time it runs out I'll scope the tank to see if it has a bunch of sludge in it or something, and if so, I'll just have to replace it. I want to relocate it to a different corner of the basement anyway, and probably up the size from a single 275-gallon tank to two 325-gallon tanks (so long as local codes will allow it). I could have ridden out the entire $3.75/gallon heating oil thing had I had that kind of capacity the last time it was under $2.

When I lived in Upstate NY, we had a 1000-gallon underground tank that we'd have to fill twice/year, but back then, heating oil was $0.65/gallon.

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