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mickey85 02-04-09 11:28 AM

I think all those years living in Broad Ripple...
Have finally washed off on me...

Back in the day when I lived there, I never really embraced the "indie" hippie ideals or culture, but now that I'm living in the country, I've started on the path, and it's quite weird.

I've started buying only natural clothing - cotton, wool, etc. I actually found myself looking at plaid short sleeved button-down shirts at Goodwill...

I've started parking the car and biking everywhere

I don't remember the last time I bought anything from a "normal" grocery, preferring instead to buy at farmer's markets and butchers

I'm planning my garden for next year (first time I'll be able to have one) and plan to grow enough food so that I'll be completely self-sufficient for the next winter (with a supplement of 1/4 cow from a local farmer)

I'm taking steps to go as "off grid" as I can and to get all of my heat from either a pellet or wood stove, and to supplement my electric use with solar power.

And today...I just downloaded a Nickel Creek album. :o

Next thing you know, I'll be in dreadlocks again, wearing a burlap sack feeding chickens in my back yard...

Spreggy 02-04-09 01:49 PM

I remember visiting a client in the Broad Ripple area (Frank's Violin Shop). Around the corner from his place, just past the head shop with the school bus (magic bus?) parked in the side yard, is a Brew Pub whose name I've forgotten. But they served a bar snack called Scotch Eggs, which are hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage, and served quartered. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm deeeelish! The owner's son ended up buying one of our basses.

I've never found Scotch eggs since then. :cry:

mickey85 02-04-09 02:24 PM

Ahh, the broad ripple brew pub! Fantastic place, with great beer. The best hippie places are The Monkey's Tale and Connor's.

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