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Air 02-05-09 11:23 AM

NYC: Petition for preschoolers killed by delivery van in Chinatown
Hi all;

Sorry for the OT and cross post. Not sure if everyone heard about the two preschoolers that were killed in Chinatown when a delivery van wasn't in park and ran them over. No tickets or charges were brought against the driver. Someone I know is the uncle of one of the children and they've started a petition. If you have a minute they just need names and email addresses - his plea is below. Thanks and thanks again;


Hi Everyone,

I am a fellow swingdancer and have very sad and tragic news. It was my niece Hayley and her best friend Diego who were killed by a reckless driver on January 22 in NY Chinatown and he was not charged or even ticketed. I am reaching out for your assistance. My family are devastated by this senseless incident. I am asking for everyone's help and support to contact the Manhattan DA's office (212 335-8900) and/or sign the petition to have them fully investigate this incident. We are asking the Manhattan DA to thoroughly investigate the case and listen to the eye witnesses. I have grown up in Chinatown and the careless, negligent driving and unsafe situations are legendary and it has taken a personal tragedy in my life to say enough is enough. We cannot let this happen to anyone's else's children or family. Please pass this on to anyone you know who might be willing to help, regardless of where they live. I have attached some links for the people in the parts of the country/world who are not familiar with the tragedy.,3213654.story

Below is a note from May Ng, the mother of my beloved niece. Thanks everyone.

Hayley's Mother's Plea
“I’m the mother of Hayley Ng. I want to thank everyone. Hayley was the sweetest child. My heart is broken. I cannot tell you the pain and sorrow my family feels on the loss of our most precious daughter. This year we had plans to go to Disney World and I was just about to book tickets. Now those plans are gone. Everything is gone. Life is so empty without her. Her smile, her silliness, her love…..As I write, tears are flowing from my eyes. How can my husband and I go on day after day without her??? It’s so painful. Please help us make sure no other parent has to suffer the horror of losing their child. Please call the Manhattan’s DA office 212-335-8900 and tell them this has to stop now. If they do nothing, more innocent children will be taken from us. If there is one thing, please do not forget Hayley and Diego. Thank you.”

Please help us by signing the petition below requesting the Manhattan DA to investigate the tragic incident and forward it to everybody you know who would like to help. All we need are your names, email addresses and any comments will be appreciated.

Thank you all for your kind help,

Eddie (Hayley’s uncle)

Air 02-11-09 10:33 AM

From their uncle:

Thank you everyone for helping us bring awareness to this horriffic "accident".

I find it truly amazing in a city where you can be ticketed for feeding pigeons, jaywalking, riding a bike without a helmet, smoking within 100 feet of the entrance to a public building, walking down the street while reading, but it is perfectly fine to double park a large commercial vehicle on a crowded street and leave it running unattended in reverse and allow it to travel down the street, turn, go up a sidewalk and kill and injure innocent children.

We were finally notified by the DA's office that this is still an active investigation so the petition is making a difference and I am sending it to their office every few days as the number of outaged signers swell.
Thanks everyone - the petition went from barely a thousand to well over 6k in a week.

pgoat 02-11-09 11:15 AM


Ka_Jun 02-11-09 11:19 AM

Tell your friend, good luck. Make sure they get local media on it and I would suggest printing out the sigs and sending to public officials. It made a difference, in my case.

Air 02-11-09 11:37 AM

Will do, thanks!

Tude 02-12-09 09:29 AM


What a horrible thing!

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