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crackerjab 03-04-09 01:43 PM

Conference calls suck
Especially when it is preventing me from going home. [/rant]

KingTermite 03-04-09 01:46 PM

Yup.....the only thing worse than a conference call that forces you to stay at work longer is a conference call that forces you to stay at work longer on a Friday.

The only thing worse than that is being the person who has to schedule that meeting and knowing that there is NOTHING you can do about it because its the ONLY time you can find to get all the required participants there.

mlts22 03-04-09 01:48 PM

What is fun are the people who put the line on hold, preventing any conversation by due to the elevator music. Then there are the jokesters who call up a 1-900 sex line and stick that on the conference call.

The only good thing about conference calls is that you can just mute the thing, and sort of pay attention for the "ok, *person*, what do you think" message aimed at you, as opposed to meetings where you have to be more expert at feigning interest.

trsidn 03-04-09 01:48 PM

It is bad form to mess up a rant by inserting logic and facts.

SPlKE 03-04-09 01:53 PM

Do like I do. Call into the conf bridge on a cell phone, then sneak out and go home while you're still conferencing.

Boudicca 03-05-09 08:39 AM

You have to remember to put your cellphone on mute though. Highly embarassing when you get the police sirens in the background and stuff like that.

I play computer games on the worst of the conference calls. Or send BF messages. You need to keep just enough of your brain engaged that you don't miss your turn to speak.

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